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How To -- Upload A Photo
To include an image with your ad, you must be using a browser which supports file uploading. Not all browsers support file uploading. If your browser does not support file uploading, you will not see a browse button to enable you to select an image from your hard drive. Known browsers that do not support file uploading are Internet Explorer 3.0 or below and some older versions of AOL which used the proprietary AOL browser or were shipped with Internet Explorer 3.0 or earlier.

If your browser does not support file uploading, you will not be able to upload an image unless you first upgrade your browser to a newer version. We recommend you visit Netscape or Microsoft to obtain a free browser upgrade.

Selecting An Image To upload an image, you must first locate the image located on your local hard drive. You are presented with a text box and two buttons labeled "Browse" and "Upload". To locate an image, begin by clicking the "Browse" button. You will see a dialog box pop up which will allow you to browse your hard drive and locate the image you wish to upload. Some browsers, mainly Netscape, do not display "Files of Type" *.jpg or *.gif files. In this instance, you will not see any image files to select from. To display all available image files on your hard drive, you will need to change the option in the "Files of Type" drop down menu to view "All Files (*.*)". This will display all images available on your hard drive for your to upload.

Once you have selected the image, you will see the path to the image in the text area. An example is as follows:

Once you have selected your image, you will now be able to upload the image by clicking the "Upload" button.

Images must meet certain conditions before you will be able to upload them with your ad. These conditions are implemented for both security and user convenience reasons. Before your image will be accepted as a valid upload, it must fall within the following parameters:
  • Image File Size - Your image file size may not exceed our maximum limit of 100000 bytes.
  • Image Height & Width - Image height and width are determined in pixels. You image height and width my not exceed 1000 pixels in height and 1000 in width.
  • File Types - The only file types which may be uploaded are *.gif and *.jpg files. This is the standard image type for use on the Internet.
If you image does not meet these specifications, you must modify the image before attempting to upload it to our system. You may modify an image using image editing software such as Photoshop. If you do not have an image editing software program, it is recommended you download the trial version of an image editing software package such as Paint Shop Pro. If you attempt to upload an image which does not meet the required specifications, your image will be rejected by our system.

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