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How To -- Add, Delete or Change a Photo
Photo Ads The bmxoz Classified Ads System provides a powerful marketing tool by allowing you to include photos with an ad you have posted to the system. By nature, people are visual and a photo included with your ad will prove to offer you better results and responses from your classified ads. Below are brief instructions on adding, changing or deleting photos related to existing ads. If you are not familiar with uploading photos from your local hard drive or need additional information about image file types and size, read the help section on "Uploading Photos".

Whether you are adding, changing or deleting a photo, you should first login to the my classifieds area of the site. Once you are logged into the system, locate the ad your want from the list provided and click on the button labeled "Photo" to access the photo features.

A Photo
If you did not include a photo with your ad when it was originally posted, you may add a photo at any time by selecting the ad to which you wish to post a photo and clicking the "Photo" button. You will be presented with a page asking you to select a photo from your local computer hard drive to upload. To choose an image from your hard drive, click the "Browse" button. A dialog box will appear allowing you to choose an image. Once you have located the image, you will then press the upload button. If you have chosen an image which meets the specified criteria for file type and size, your image will be uploaded and attached to your ad currently posted on the system. Once an ad has expired, the image is automatically deleted from our system.
A Photo
To change a photo which is currently posted with your ad, you will simply upload a new image to the system following the same procedures listed above in the Adding A Photo section. Your old image will be overwritten and can not be retrieved.
A Photo
If you wish to delete a photo from your ad, click the "Photo" button below the ad where you want to delete a photo. On the following screen, select the option to delete the photo which is attached to your ad. Once a photo has been deleted, you can not retrieve the same photo from our system.

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