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How To -- Browse Ads Posted To bmxoz
and Viewing
Ads posted to the bmxoz are organized into major categories. The front page of the Classified Ads System contains a link for each major category available on the system. When you click on a link, you are provided a list of subcategories. Click a subcategory link to enter that area of the site. You are then provided with a list of the current ads which are posted to that subcategory.

When reviewing ads, you are provided with navigational menus which will lead to various areas of the site. Each ad detail page will provides links to the home page, the major category and the subcategory where this ad is posted. There is also a dropdown menu listing the major categories allowing you to quickly jump to a new category within the site.

You may click on the "home" link in the top level navigational menus at any time to return to the opening page of the bmxoz Classified Ads System.


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