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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Photo
1 1-Dec-2004 "forty degrees in the shade" Yes
 An austrlaian bmx freestyle calendar for 2005. For the first time in AUS there is a calendar with a different approach and look showcasing 12 of some very recognised riders world and nation wide. riders featured: Ryan guettler, luke parslow, luke fink, mick
2 4-Jul-2004 BMX Bandits ---
 A researcher from the BBC in England is doing a documentary on Nicole Kidman and has sent me an email requesting any info on the following people who were in BMX Bandits along with Nicole Kidman. Bob Hicks (he was the stunt
3 29-Jan-2004 Tailwhip Kickflip SK8 and BMX ---
 my friend and i are starting a club for people who just love to ride or skate. we're trying to promote riding and skating, being able to learn new tricks together and to meet new people. if you are interested in
 radical skate club [mailto:rsc.sk8@mail.telepac.pt] Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 1:28 AM To: admin@bmxoz.com Subject: BMX FREESTYLE WORLD'S 2003 IN PORTUGAL Radical Skate Clube, a Portuguese association dedicated to the development of BMX Freestyle and Skate, is going to organize the BMX Freestyle World's
5 17-Jul-2002 Lost a Dog? List it here! Yes
 Lost dogs, Lost dog, Lost pet, Lostdogsdatabase. Where to place lost pet message. Where do people place messages about your lost pet? This link has a small survey with results and comments by people who have experience in this area,What is AutoNotify?
6 16-May-2002 Colin Mackay Report from US. Yes
 Dear Beenleigh crew....... Well things have been busy lately for sure, I was just on the road for 3 weeks going to comps every weekend, and I went to China as well for a xgames street comp, that was really an adventure, lucky enough
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