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Ad ID: 100001-10040 Posted on 6-May-2002
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  • Guy Taylor
    Contact Information
    Posted by: bmxoz
    User Ads: Show All Ads Posted by bmxoz
    Ad Information
    Date of birth:1.2.77
    City or town of residence :Runcorn
    Your bike? How Long Riding:Standard sta, 10 years
    Favourite sk8 park.:Beenleigh
    Best or favourite trick:ice-picks, fufanu, toboggan, 360's,
    Favourite Music:RnB
    Favourite food and drink:peanut butter and Ice-Break
    Best comp results:1st Expert Street,HMH #4 & 5 1st Expert Vert, HMH #1 & 4
    Future Goals:I'll learn tailwhip's if it kills me. Just progress my riding with more tech, maybe go travelling with my riding.
    Ad Description
    I'm really into minis, and spines and parks that have good flow.

    Total Ad Views: 6006

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