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Ad ID: 100007-10020 Posted on 15-Apr-2002
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  • Nick Richardson
    Contact Information
    Posted by: Nick
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    Ad Information
    Date of birth:22/12/88
    City or town of residence :beenleigh
    Your bike? How Long Riding:hoffman kagy and 2yrs
    Favourite sk8 park.:Vert X, Woodridge, brownsplains and Beenleigh
    Best or favourite trick:Barspin, nofoot can and 540 on vert
    Favourite Music:Blink 182.
    Favourite food and drink:Drink: Mt Dew Food: Hungry Jacks
    Best comp results:1st heavy meatal heroes comp expert vert
    Future Goals:to be a good rider and not be up myself. i would also like to thank my sponsor Alan from SDV and Mick from Carnage Clothing.

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